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Interview: Michaela List-Ebner

Answering these seven questions, mi – Michaela List-Ebner – talks about her life as a managing director, business partner, wife and mother.

What are passionate about?
“Positive group dynamics, so that everyone pulls together and tries to achieve the same goal.”

Why is b&mi a guarantor for success?
“Because we do our job with passion. We are only satisfied when we have concluded a project with a positive result that is in accordance with everything that we have agreed on. To do so, we use to a huge extent our solution-oriented approach that is not only based on industry knowledge, but also on lots of experience. We, like everyone else, have made mistakes and learned from them – and now we can pass on the insights we gained from that.”

What values are important for you when you are interacting with others?
“Honesty and directness. Also, communication on an equal footing is crucial for me.”

When do you feel to be in your element?
“When everything around me is set in motion due to my actions and when we start seeing first results.”

How do you make decisions?
“Quickly and intuitively. Most times it is better to make any decision than making none. Even though this decision might turn out to be not the best.”

If you compare your work with a dish, what would it be?
“Spaghetti Bolognese. The ingredients are no secret, but preparing this dish and the right mixture of ingredients make it taste special.”

How do you balance and motivate yourself for work in your daily family life?
“I balance myself by appreciating and enjoying small things. I love to paint with finger paint together with my kids or to dance with them. And if something doesn’t go as planned, then I bring to my mind that also the next day deserves the chance to be the best day of my life.”